Browser engine diversity or Internet Of Google

If I ask you, what browser you are using, you would probably answer Google Chrome. Indeed, its market share as of 2019 is about 70%. But if we take into consideration all Chrome-like browsers (Opera, Edge, Yandex Browser, etc.) it sums up to about 80%. It sounds perfect for web developers: fewer browser engines means less time spent making your website look consistent across browsers. But is it really?

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Everything you need to know about Google Fuchsia

In August of 2016, Google published a project on GitHub codenamed Fuchsia (now moved here). Google made no official announcement, but code inspection suggested this was a brand-new operating system. Why does  Google take on to develop a new OS instead of perfecting Android? What it means for developers and when should we expect it? 

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Developing a TODO app with Flutter – Part 2

In this series of tutorials, I will walk you through the process of creating a TODO app with the Flutter framework. By the end, you will have a cross-platform TODO mobile application, which allows you to add, edit, remove and complete tasks, while persisting the data on Google Firebase. The series spans across 3 parts:

Part 1 – Setting up the development environment and creating the project
Part 2 – Implementing core functionality
Part 3 – Connecting your app to Google Firebase

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React Native vs Flutter: which one should you use?

In recent years, cross-platform mobile development was steadily picking up speed, as more and more companies realize they can save time and money by switching from native development to cross-platform. There are a number of frameworks to help you with that, and in this post, I will compare two most popular ones: React Native and Flutter.

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