Windows Subsystem for Linux explained

Many developers have struggled to work on Windows systems with tools that either perform better on Linux or are not available on Windows at all. Solutions often involved installing a Linux distributive on a virtual machine, on a separate hard drive and configuring dual boot, or using tools like Cygwin. However, this is about to change as Microsoft introduced Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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React Native vs Flutter: which one should you use?

In recent years, cross-platform mobile development was steadily picking up speed, as more and more companies realize they can save time and money by switching from native development to cross-platform. There are a number of frameworks to help you with that, and in this post, I will compare two most popular ones: React Native and Flutter.

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The basics of Dart programing language

Dart is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Google. It can be compiled to native ARM/x86 machine code (either Ahead-Of-Time or Just-In-Time) as well as to JavaScript. Its most notable use case is developing cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter. In this tutorial, I will introduce the basics of the language, as well as provide resources for further research. Some basic knowledge of another programming language (JS/C/Python/etc) is expected.

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