importance of time tracking

Time is  a very scarce resource and it does not get replaced as we go on wasting it. So, as with any other resource, you may want to know how you are spending it and why do you never have enough time. That is where time tracking software comes into play. It allows you to boost your productivity to a whole next level, as the best way to optimize something is to measure at and get feedback. For people who practice Pomodoro or Flowtime techniques time-tracking will streamline the process and get invaluable insights.

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do you need math as a programmer?

As more and more positions open for computer programmers and scientists, many are confused: do you need to know math as a software developer? This is a very old question that resulted in countless debates, but common sense and popular opinion still incline that you, indeed, need math in order to succeed. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule and I will try to explain everything I know on this topic in this post.

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how to do background geolocation in react native

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A while ago, I was working and was faced with the task of developing a react-native application to track vehicles. After spending about a month researching and trying out different ways of doing background geolocation in react-native applications, I found out that: it was very hard; there were no posts that compiled all the information on the topic. So I decided to write this post for anyone who faces the same problem.

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