Top 5 plugins for IntelliJ to boost your workflow

IntelliJ is one of the most popular Java IDEs right now. It comes with a rich set of features on its own, but you can make even more of it by using plugins. And what is even more exciting, the same plugins will work in any IDE by Jetbrains: WebStorm, PyCharm, Android Studio, etc. In this post, I will list top 5 plugins for IntelliJ (any other Jetbrains IDE) that had helped me boost my productivity.

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importance of time tracking

Time is  a very scarce resource and it does not get replaced as we go on wasting it. So, as with any other resource, you may want to know how you are spending it and why do you never have enough time. That is where time tracking software comes into play. It allows you to boost your productivity to a whole next level, as the best way to optimize something is to measure at and get feedback. For people who practice Pomodoro or Flowtime techniques time-tracking will streamline the process and get invaluable insights.

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