No, you do not need Windows to develop with JavaScript

The desktop operation systems market is split between 3 major players: the monopolistic behemoth Microsoft with its Windows, pricy Apple with macOS and a myriad of Linux distributions, both community-run and commercially supported. In this article, I will try to convince you to try Linux if you are an active Windows user by giving you very good reasons and busting some myths.

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Please stop using classes in JavaScript

For years, OOP (object-oriented programming) was the de-facto standard in software engineering. The concepts of classes, polymorphism, inheritance, and incapsulation dominated and revolutionized the development process. But everything has an expiration date, programming paradigms included. In this article I will talk about why were classes introduced in the first place, why it is a bad idea to use classes in JavaScript, and what are some of the alternatives.

I am not going to talk about why OOP is fading away in general, but you can check out this great article for more info.

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React Native vs Flutter: which one should you use?

In recent years, cross-platform mobile development was steadily picking up speed, as more and more companies realize they can save time and money by switching from native development to cross-platform. There are a number of frameworks to help you with that, and in this post, I will compare two most popular ones: React Native and Flutter.

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