NodeOS: how much is too much?

The number and variety of npm packages were always a topic for irony and ridicule. If you are not getting what I am talking about, check out the is-odd npm package with 76 million downloads, is-positive/is-negative packages, literally a package to bless your code and many others. While this seems funny, this poses a serious problem, which may lead to negative consequences. But this time, the community pushed even further and introduced NodeOS, an “operating system powered by node.js and npm”. I am going to explain why this is not true and what it says about the JS community.

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Everything you need to know about Google Fuchsia

In August of 2016, Google published a project on GitHub codenamed Fuchsia (now moved here). Google made no official announcement, but code inspection suggested this was a brand-new operating system. Why does  Google take on to develop a new OS instead of perfecting Android? What it means for developers and when should we expect it? 

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